Cloud Services

Cloud computing service which is used for building testing deploying and managing the application. This process is done in a global network of the Microsoft-managed Data Centre. It is private as well as a public cloud platform. It uses virtualization which differentiates the coupling between the operating system and CPU with the help of an abstraction layer known as a hypervisor.

This hypervisor emulates all the functionality of the physical machine such as hardware and server into a virtual one. There is numerous amount of virtual machine available and each virtual machine can run many operating systems.

Is your IT support in The Cloud Services?

We provide agile, scalable, and resilient cloud-based business applications and cloud IT infrastructure for business across the UAE. The bespoke solutions are optimally complemented by 24/7 dedicated support from Hardware Infosys cloud experts. Apart from recommending the best available cloud computing solutions for businesses, we guide and manage the cloud computing journeys of both small and large enterprises, thus helping them increase business productivity and growth. Our customized cloud solutions and tailored cloud packages are carefully designed to meet safety, compliance, and performance needs, while remaining competitively priced.

Private Clouds / Public Clouds / Hybrid Clouds

The cloud has revolutionized the way businesses work and collaborate with each other. Putting your IT support in the Cloud means you can:

Reduce your costs Improve your systems accessibility, and Simplify your systems management
Whether you would like to move to a complete cloud infrastructure or just implement cloud storage or cloud email, the knowledge and experience we have in building cloud solutions means we can create a bespoke solution to fit your needs.

We work and partner with the industry leaders in cloud technologies and platforms to ensure we can offer your business the best possible solution to meet your needs. Our extensive training and experience with the best of breed cloud services affords us the capability to build best-in-class cloud solutions for our customers.

The Global Platform for Digital Business

When you build your digital business platform with Hardware Infosys, you dynamically interconnect with the world’s largest ecosystem of people, clouds, data and things

Build Here and Go Anywhere
  • Reach Everywhere : Deploy your digital infrastructure anywhere you need to be.
  • Interconnect Everyone : Discover and reach anyone on demand through one connection to the world.
  • Integrate Everything : Bring people, data and things together in previously impossible ways.

With all the benefits of cloud solutions and the mass adoption taking place, cloud security is vitally important in securing your data and devices. We have amassed the best partners in the industry to help us deliver peace of mind when it comes to moving your data and communications into the cloud.

Our skills and infrastructure enable us to offer hosted servers in the cloud with all the inherent benefits that come with the cloud. Our offerings are infinitely scalable, extremely quick to deploy and highly available. We are also able to offer hosted desktops to our customers, enabling secure desktop functionality and availability from any device at any time.

Small businesses are able to obtain significant benefits from cloud adoption in the form of simplified administration, lower costs for outlay and ongoing maintenance. Small business cloud hosting enables small to medium businesses to gain all the advantages the cloud has to offer. We have worked with small businesses for more than 12 years helping them transform the way they work and enabling them to focus on their business without the worry of having to manage their IT systems.