Cyber Security Services

Cyber Strategy

Hardware Infosys can help your business by defining a Cyber Security Strategy which will set out your organization and industry landscape philosophy and program for meeting the security challenges of your digital transformation initiative. The Cyber Security Strategy is endorsed by board and executive management and is a high level strategic plan addressing a 3 to 6 years roadmap aligned to your business strategies

The Cyber Security Strategy document can be delivered through a consultative engagement with Hardware Infosys where we will run multiple workshops at the board level, identify and review key business plans and initiatives, review previous risk assessment and internal audit findings, review on-going and planned capital and greenfield projects and have a solid understanding of your business landscape and industry that you operate in. We will derive a high level strategic document that outline your cyber security strategy over a period of 3 to 6 years with key pillars identified and missions and objectives to achieve within that timeframe.

In the case that your industry or organization falls into a national cyber security strategy such as a critical infrastructure, then we would advise on how your strategy would need to be aligned to support the goal of national security.

Cyber Secure

Hardware Infosys is a leading cyber security consulting firm focused on securing your enterprise digital assets from the modern day cyber-attacks that can cripple your business operations. From providing cyber security strategy, addressing security compliance, understanding your current risk maturity to develop a comprehensive roadmap, from hardening your people, process and technology. Whether that is acquiring security solutions or penetration testing simulating a ‘real hacker’, to building cyber resilience framework to withstand cyber incidents is what Hardware Infosys can deliver as an end-to-end lifecycle.
Hardware Infosys has on decades of experience in securing business environments at all levels, from the bottom-up to the up-dow

building a methodology that provides value to the business and management team whilst ensuring the gaps with the technical team is bridged to provide a fully-integrated approach to cyber security.

Cyber Secure domain covers aspects from offensive security, defensive security and advisory services across different industry verticals.

Cyber Operations

Cyber Security Operations domain within Hardware Infosys delivers advanced security operational capabilities based on a build, operate and transfer model. For organizations that need their cyber operations to be transformed, Hardware Infosys consulting services can transform your potentially reactive security operations to something that is proactive and predictive.

Cyber Response

Hardware Infosys can support your organization build complete cyber response capabilities by developing enterprise wide incident response and management framework. The incident response framework includes everything from incident triage to chain of custody to deep forensic analysis.

Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT incident, computer incident, or security incident. The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

Ideally, incident response activities are conducted by the organization’s computer security incident response team (CSIRT), a group that has been previously selected to include information security and general IT staff as well as C-suite level members. The team may also include representatives from the legal, human resources and public relations departments. The CSIRT response should comply with the organization’s incident response plan (IRP), a set of written instructions that outline the organization’s response to a cyberattack.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience refers to an entity’s ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome and sustain business operations despite adverse cyber events. Cyber resilience is an evolving perspective that is rapidly gaining recognition. The concept essentially brings the areas of information security, business continuity and (organizational) resilience together.

Entities with potential need of cyber resilience abilities include, but is not limited to; IT systems, critical infrastructure, business processes, organizations, societies and nation-states. Adverse cyber events are those that negatively impact the availability, integrity or confidentiality of networked IT systems and associated information and services. These events may be intentional (e.g. cyber-attack) or unintentional (e.g. failed software update) and caused by humans or nature or a combination thereof.

The objective of cyber resilience is to maintain the entity´s ability to deliver the intended outcome continuously at all times. This means even when regular delivery mechanisms have failed, such as during a crisis and after a security breach. The concept also includes the ability to restore regular delivery mechanisms after such events as well as the ability to continuously change or modify these delivery mechanisms if needed in the face of new risks. Backup and disaster recovery operations are part of the process of restoring delivery mechanisms.

Hardware Infosys advisory team can help your organization build cyber resiliency by conducting different types of assessment based on the level of maturity of the organization. We initially start with a cyber resilience assessment which identifies the gaps across your environment, this could be missing policies, processes and instructions such as crisis management, external media communication, breach notification policy etc. We may also find gaps on key critical business processes across people, process or technology that do not meet cyber resilience requirements. These findings would then be presented in a report and management presentation would be conducted.