Home Automation

Hardware Infosys has been integrating the most advanced Home Automation, Lighting Control, Audio Video, Home Theater and Security Systems for residential and commercial. With trained and certified professionals on staff, Hardware Infosys can handle projects of any size. We have a rare combination of systems designers and installers that can provide creative designs, systems integration and flawless control of your home. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home

Gadget Management
  • Computerized Monitoring: Controlling all your appliances at home through your computer by integrating it all together to work in harmony
  • Touch screen Technology: From one point you can control everything, you lighting, curtains, access control…
  • Smart Phone control: Control your house from smart phone wherever you are in the world
  • TV Screen control: While watching TV, you can shift to control your house
  • Internet Access: From everywhere in the world, anytime you can access your house and control your appliances using Internet.

Health and Ambience Control
  • Lighting Control: create your lighting mood with one fingertip
  • HVAC Control: Save energy and cut your bill by controlling your HVAC in an optimal way
  • Curtain control: Automate your curtains and control it from your touch screen
  • Lawn Irrigation: Program your garden irrigation and control your water consumption
  • Mirror Defoggers: Prevent moisture from forming during your bath and keep a clear mirror

Safety & Security System
  • Burglar Alarm: keep your home safe from burglars and thieves
  • Motion detection: detecting any movement while you’re outside the house
  • Fire Sensor: detecting any smoke and fire occurring in the house
  • Pool Alarm: know if someone is in the pool in the wrong time
  • Vehicle Detection: Open the gates before arriving to let you in and out of the house
  • Video Surveillance: monitoring any movement occurring inside and outside your house
  • Gas leaking sensor: Stop the gas leaking by controlling the gas valve automatically

  • Home Theater: Create your own cinema environment at home
  • Multi rooms Sound System: Control your music independently in every room
  • IPTV: Watch movies online on your TV or Tablet from anywhere

Home Networking & Communication
  • Video Door Phone System: Video door phone will allow you to communicate with your guests and open the gate from your living room
  • unified communication: Integrate all your communication systems, voice, video & date at home in a single system
  • IPBX System: Build a smart network between your telephone devices

Specialized in below products.
  • E-LAN