Virtualization is software technology which uses a physical resource such as a server and divides it up into virtual resources called virtual machines (VM’s).

Virtualization allows users to consolidate physical resources and make it achieve High Availability of Business Critical Applications, Email solutions, Database, Communications solutions and more with simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements. While virtualization technology is most popular in the server world, virtualization technology is also being used in data storage such as Storage Area Networks, and inside of operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 / 2012 /2016 /2019 with Hyper-V.

Virtualization Advantages:
  • Server consolidation
  • Reduced power and cooling
  • Green computing
  • Ease of deployment and administration
  • High availability and disaster recovery

In the time of virtualization when any of the organizations who are challenged by the limitations of traditional servers, which were designed to run only one Operating System and application at a time is disappointing. But now you can be relived with Server Virtualization Services. Now as of results of this company often have to deploy many servers for individual Operating at minimal capacity. By allowing your business to run multiple operating systems and applications at the same time, server virtualization will optimize your server use, creating significant energy and cost savings. In our computing terminology, it is a framework or an architecture that enables the end user to experience a finest usage of computer resources available. It also allows running multiple instances of Operating systems and Applications on a single Computer where each of the operating systems runs as a self-contained machine.

We provide support for following Server Virtualization tech issues:
  • Support to reduce costs by simplifying management
  • Support for any kind of hardware issues
  • Support for infrastructure with fewer server admin resources
  • Realize optimal utilization of your IT investments
  • Build High Availability, Geo-Redundancy and Fault Tolerance for higher uptime
  • Achieve almost near-time data protection with robust backups and disaster recovery solutions for virtualization
  • Virtual Server Managed Backup Support Services
  • Virtual Server Managed Replication Support Services
  • Virtual Server Quick Restore for Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Fast Virtual Server Provisioning Support
  • Additional Virtual Server Resources Quickly Support
  • Virtual Server Monitoring, Anti-Virus, Patching and Server Management Support
Server Virtualization Solutions Services

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